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“Perception is an active process. Art is about communication, not representation” – Chris Frith

What’s your preferred sensory modality? And why? I think I prefer combinations of modalities. Warm sun, blue sky, light breeze, the smell of spring.   How did you begin to be interested in perception? Learning about hallucinations while working in a mental asylum in the 1960s (and reading Aldous Huxley).   Among your recent papers which is your favorite and why? […]

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Shea et al. 2014. “Supra-personal cognitive control and metacognition”

Abstract. The human mind is extraordinary in its ability not merely to respond to events as they unfold but also to adapt its own operation in pursuit of its agenda. This ‘cognitive control’ can be achieved through simple interactions among sensorimotor processes, and through interactions in which one sensorimotor process represents a property of another in an implicit, unconscious way. So […]

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Vetter et al. 2014. “Decoding Sound and Imagery Content in Early Visual Cortex”

Abstract. Human early visual cortex was traditionally thought to process simple visual features such as orientation, contrast, and spatial frequency via feedforward input from the lateral geniculate nucleus. However, the role of nonretinal influence on early visual cortex is so far insufficiently investigated despite much evidence that feedback connections greatly outnumber feedforward connections. Here, we explored in five fMRI experiments how […]

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