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“I got interested in perception by accident!” – Yasmina Jraissati

What is the most interesting paper you came across recently? Why? I was stimulated by Levinson and Majid’s “Differential ineffability and the senses”. They ask whether smell and other sensory modalities like vision are differentially ineffable for structural or language/cultural relative reasons. It also offers interesting ideas as to how to account for cross-modal associations using dimensions of perceptual space. […]

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Jraissati, “On Color Categorization: Why Do We Name Seven Colors in the Rainbow?”

Abstract. What makes it the case that we draw the boundary between “ blue” and “green” where we draw it? Do we draw this boundary where we draw it because our perceptual system is biologically determined in this way? Or is it culture and language that guide the way we categorize colors? These two possible answers have shaped the historical discussion opposing so-called universalists […]

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Levinson & Majid, “Differential ineffability and the senses”

Abstract. Ineffability, the degree to which percepts or concepts resist linguistic coding, is a fairly unexplored nook of cognitive science. Although philosophical preoccupations with qualia or nonconceptual content certainly touch upon the area, there has been little systematic thought and hardly any empirical work in recent years on the subject. We argue that ineffability is an important domain for the cognitive […]

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