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Dokka et al. 2010. “Self versus environment motion in postural control”

Abstract. To stabilize our position in space we use visual information as well as non-visual physical motion cues. However, visual cues can be ambiguous: visually perceived motion may be caused by self-movement, movement of the environment, or both. The nervous system must combine the ambiguous visual cues with noisy physical motion cues to resolve this ambiguity and control our body posture. […]

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“I got interested in perception by accident!” – Yasmina Jraissati

What is the most interesting paper you came across recently? Why? I was stimulated by Levinson and Majid’s “Differential ineffability and the senses”. They ask whether smell and other sensory modalities like vision are differentially ineffable for structural or language/cultural relative reasons. It also offers interesting ideas as to how to account for cross-modal associations using dimensions of perceptual space. […]

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